We try to provide new skills, information and an interactive learning sessions. Keeping the student always interested has always been the biggest challenge for any trainer or teacher. With digital presentations always being part of our workshops, in our workshops we try to keep a balance between activities, fun, learning via teaching, doing and watching. In the past few years we have conducted small workshops on any given free day or time in the schools from the Goldenmile learning list.So, far we have conducted:1. Personality development classes at winter camp at CIBS Sr. Wing for 3 days where 40 under graduate students have participated. these students who were on the edge of their goldenmile were taught the basic of personality development, about basic manners to be carried out when talking formally, importance of carrying the right posture or body language, why wearing clean clothes matters in any meeting, what is the importance of first impressions and more. It was noted that make walked out of the workshop with a positive attitude.2. First aid training at basic school level for the little monks at Hemis Gompa School. Where the 38 little monks were taught about basic ‘CCC’ (check call care) method involved in first aid, handling the patient, and attending/ caring for the patient in case of minor falls or suspected injuries.3. Peer exchange talk at Jamyang School. We have also organized peer exchange talks between a bright Ladakhi student studying at Sahyadri Krishnamurti School Pune and the students of class 9th from Jamyang School. So the students could connect more and understand that studying in Ladakh is no different than studying outside, what matter is who works harder and smarter, applying the right approach, feeling confident and not hesitating in asking questions or talking. Often it has been noticed that the students feel inferiority complex. So, to break the barrier it is as noticed one most connect the two different ends and they could come at common grounds and that their misconceptions are corrected for their personal development.Disaster management at Mahabodhi School Choglamsar