Goldenmile learning with Go-green Go-organic, team Architects- with Nilkhil & Gautami & friends of GML at Pangong
The 3e’s: Education, Economy & Environament:
Goldenmile learning over the past couple of years have been introduced to various other areas, two of which is expected to bring in great opportunities for Ladakh’s economy and environment.
“Dear sirs would you please take this part. Thank you.”

A discussion over a hot cup of tea at 15000ft, Phobrang with Namgail (ex-councellor Durbuk) explaining about the 200 acres of Land where we have planned 15000 threes at 15000ft.


Gautami & Nikhil (architects cum friends of GML) after studying the area explain the possible plan.

The 200 acre site at 15000ft in Phobrang Changthang, behind the Panagong Lake where we are working on building one of our Dream project.