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The vision and the main goal of Reinforced Teacher Training.



Welcoming remote communities and individuals to digital India.



GML e-Learning Alliance is a platform to facilitate various other organizations



We try to provide new skills, information and an interactive learning sessions.



During the Goldenmile learning 2017 yearly launch, participant educators



In the year 2016 on 3rd September, GML was approached by a uneducated woman in Ladakh working as a serf/attendant/peon




Lamdon Shey

143 students – 16 Teachers

Gompa School

45 students – 6 Teachers


140 students - 25 Teachers

Govt. Middle School

50 students - 12 Teachers

Sakya Nunery

50 students -5 Teachers

Gompa School

112 students -6 Teachers

CIBS. Jr School

273 students -30 Teachers

CIBS.Senior School

500 students -34 Teachers

Druk Padma School

850 students -38 Teachers

Duzin photang Sc. Zangskar

150 students -10 Teachers


Lamdon Sc. Leh

900 students -115 Teachers

Mahabodhi Sc.

510 students -27 Teachers

Lamdon Sc. Thiksey

52 students - 11 Teachers

Jamyang Sc. Murtsey

332 students - 17 Teachers

SECPAD Karsha Sc.

116 students - 9 Teachers

Chang-na sherap Gompa Sc.

111 students - 7 Teachers

Imamia Sc. chuchot

530 students - 35 Teachers

Govt.High Sc. Khaltsi

180 students - 18 Teachers

Thiksey Gompa School

15 students - 2 Teachers

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Journey so far: 26 schools, 423 teachers, 5675 students
The journey ahead: 100 schools, 1000 teachers, 15000 students.


I loved the workshop very much as it is really a new and unique kind of a training. You have given us a new insight to look at a second language and how to learn it naturally by following the key principles of second language acquisition. But, the duration of training was really short. We are looking forward to receive such great trainings in near future as we really need them to be more effective and professional.

Ma'am  Jigmet Norzom H.S.S Tingmosgang
Ma'am Jigmet Norzom H.S.S Tingmosgang

This was a wonderful workshop. You made us aware of what second language acquisition is all about, the principles, techniques and the skills and of course, the amazing activities which I am going to apply in my classroom. Thank you Goldenmile!! Thank you team for the delicious food and the king like service.

Ms. Kunzes Wangmo
Ms. Kunzes Wangmo Teacher, Govt. Middle School Gangles

Thank you Goldenmiles for giving us chance to attend this training. It was really a great time and we have learnt a lot in these 2 days.The digital part also was awesome. Thank you so much Dr. Neepa for giving us so much new information. Thank you ma’am Rinchen and her team for great service and food.

Mrs. Zahira Bano
Mrs. Zahira Bano Master Middle School Achninathang

The training was different from all the other trainings we have had before. Activities like "JAM" and "Jumble words" are very refreshing and I quite liked them.

Sir Stanzin Angdus
Sir Stanzin Angdus GMS (Boys) Diskit Nubra

The workshop was wonderful and we had many new things to learn. It was very well organized although there was little shortage of time. It should be longer. I liked running dictation activity the most. We hope to get this kind of workshops again in future.

Mrs. Nurzin Angmo
Mrs. Nurzin Angmo Teacher Middle school Nyoma

I feel, I got a golden opportunity to gain such a nice training. Now, I am curious about English teaching. We have learnt a lot about how to acquire a second language. Running dictation was the most joyful activity.

Maam Thukjey Palmo
Maam Thukjey Palmo Middle School Sumoor Nubra

I had tremendous experience with Dr. Neepa and her team. Got to learn so many new things about second language acquisition. I loved the activity part the most. To create a friendly environment for my students. I would surely implement these in my school.

Mrs. Padma Dolma
Mrs. Padma Dolma (Master) Govt. High Sec. School Khaltsi

It was amazing, geting to learn new techniques and ideas about SLA and active participation of each participants.

Mr. Tsering Angchuk
Mr. Tsering Angchuk Head teacher Govt. Middle school Laga